Celebrity Status Formula

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Hi, I’m Jessica Sitomer and I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for 20 years both creatively and as a career coach. One thing is for sure, the “big names” in entertainment, didn’t get there by chance. I’ve had the opportunity to study what they’ve done, and want to share it with you so you can become a “Celebrity” in your field.

As a business owner and a freelancer in the entertainment industry, I’ve observed the best of both worlds. As I invested in myself as an entrepreneur, I was able to take those tools and translate them into more creative language to help entertainment industry freelancers, succeed in business. I studied the top 10%, my most successful clients, to see what made them stand out. To see what made them shining celebrities.

Then, I came back to the world of the entrepreneurs and said, “You all have the same tools. You all run your business using the same strategies. Now who of you want to step up to Celebrity Status in your field, by doing what the top 10% in the entertainment industry do?”

And here YOU are.

So, here it is: 9 components for the ideal formula of tools, strategies, and mindsets, that you may or may not be using already, celebrity enhanced.

The 9 components of the Celebrity Status Formula are:

  • Celebrate You
  • Effective Plan
  • Limelight
  • Entourage
  • Big Picture
  • Raving Fans
  • Income Sources
  • Talk to Anyone
  • You; The Celebrity

Some of the components may look familiar, but imagine what it would look like to take the tools you already have or may be learning for the first time, and know that you’re using them in a more effective way than 90% of the people who have the same tools (AKA your competition).

This is more than your business, this is a lifestyle. The top 10% incorporate these methods into everything they do;  family, friends, health, wealth, personal care, charity, fun, spirituality, exercise, and of course, work.

It’s a passion of mine to bring out the celebrity within you! It’s not about fame, it’s about being somebody! It’s about having the celebrity credibility to live the life of your dreams!

So what kind of investment are you ready to make to stand out from your competition and rise to Celebrity Status?

Because I want to make this as easy as possible for you to say YES, I’ve taken my $249 home study program and turned it into a $97 digital program.

So now I present you with a choice.

You know that you want certain results that you haven’t achieved yet and it simply can’t be ignored any longer.  So, through door number 1 you can keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them, waste more time and years, see more people surpassing you, and keep missing out on the opportunities you want…or door #2 where you recognize the value of investing in yourself by getting the Celebrity Status Formula digital home study program.

All I care about is that you have the right tools and are using them in the most effective way in order to make money doing what you love and live the life of your dreams.

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